Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mints on the Pillow and Seasonal Cliches

The quality of a mattress and the softness of the sheets do not rely on the mint that is on your pillow. But you still want the mint. I'd sure like to see the Cardinals close out the rest of the regular season strong. It would give me something to savor as I slowly wake up from the "dream regular season" and arise into what will be a new day of Cardinal sunrise.


  • I hope LaRussa uses this time to rest all those nagging injuries.
  • I hope LaRussa doesn't blow it and let his stars get cold on the bench.
  • Why don't they play Ankiel more?
  • They are coasting now. It will cost 'em come post-season.
  • They aren't going to let up.

Not sure which ones if any I agree with. Anyone got any other ones?


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