Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Albert to Get His Shot?

That's the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard that Barry might be gone for part or all of the upcoming season.

  • As has been pointed out over at Get Up, Baby (I originally said Curveblog but I mixed em up), these type of things need to be taken lightly.
  • However, if the aforementioned retirement/slow rehab takes place for the Giants' left-fielder, what does that mean as far as competition for Pujols?
  • Beltre has been reassigned to the Siberia.
  • Beltran will be readjusting, and last year fell short of Pujols in EVERY major category save BA and steals.
  • Helton can be dangerous every year at Coors, but it unlikely that we will see a surge strong enough to pass Pujols. I'm fairly confident that Helton's best years are (unfortunetly) behind him.
  • Abreu seems to be one of the biggest contenders for the NL MVP crown in 2005. With power, speed, and a great OBP he looks like one of the front runners. However, he will need more than HR's in the upper 20's and a higher BA to get the job done. A lot will have to do with the protection he recieves with Thome batting behind him. Look for the decline of Thome to be a slight decline for Bobby as well.
  • Edmonds will NOT have the year he had last year.
  • Rolen, if healthy, should have another great season. But he will need to boost his HR total to have a shot.
  • Dunn doesnt have the average or the OBP.
  • Is there anyone else that might pose a threat that I haven't listed? Please comment and let me know what you think.

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-I do. CJ.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who will win, but I know some how Albert will get screwed out of the MVP. In 2003, they said he couldn't win because the Giants made the playoffs and the Cardinals didn't. Never mind that it isn't Albert's fault Jeff Fassero couldn't get anyone out, or that A-Rod won the AL MVP on a LAST PLACE TEAM!

Then last year, Albert can't beat Barry because Albert has Jimmy and Scotty and Barry doesn't. So in other words, this time Albert has the better team around him, huh?

Every year, Albert has a chance at MVP, and every year the voters change their minds as to what an MVP is so they can keep him from winning it. Drives me insane. So I'll say they give it to. . . Nomar.

Cardinal John said...

Honestly, I have to disagree with you. There was no one who dominated like Barry did those years. Batting Average was the only vital statistic that Pujols had over Bonds (and not even that every year). I really don't believe he got "screwed" out of the MVP. With an amazing OBP and SLG that were other-wordly not to mention the huge amount of walks (and intentional walks) that took many of the stats out of Barry's hands. I think you are really hard pressed based on total effect on the National League of Pujols over Bonds.

BUT I HAVE TO COMPLETELY AGREE about what you said about the "excuses." The MVP is an individual award. It should in no way include a teammate's performances. So yes I believe Runs and RBI's should not be factored into determining MVP. I understand that there is no way to completely make this individual award completely individual as it is a team game, but the best effort should be given to look a players efforts alone. To say that Pujols shouldn't be MVP 'cause the Cards didnt make the playoffs would be simply wrong. However I don't believe this was the case.

As for Nomar I think that health aside he could be a factor. But this is fnny considering the previous statement of mine, I think he will be hurt by lack of protection in lineup. Hmmm Funny thing huh? Could this mean that the worse the team the player belongs to the more consideration they should recieve for MVP? HA!

I'll ponder that one for a while. Thanks for the comment.

cardsrul said...

I completely agree with you. This could actually be the year that "The Machine" gets his long-overdue MVP award. I mean, what more does the man have to do to prove his worthiness of the award? I love this kid. I love his drive, his intensity, his thirst to constantly get better, his humility. On top of that, he's a pretty good ballplayer, too. As for other contenders...other than Rolen, I think Abreu has the best shot at giving Albert a run.

Liam said...

Don't know if you've already seen this, CJ. Figured you'd get a kick out of it...

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