Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lohse-I think I'm gonna be sick

I don't honestly believe that Lohse deserves a $10M a year contract...and for four years. You mean we couldn't have gone after Sheets or Sabathia? This is the kind of contract we made a mistake with regarding Jimmy Ballgame and Izzy. I just don't see this going well. I thought the Cards' brass was going to make a move that would be more like Suppan, Marquis, and Weaver--let other teams overpay. Simple economics people. Honestly, I think Brad Penny is the perfect type of Duncan-rehab player. Don't be surprised to see him sign with the Cards.



Cardinal70 said...

We'll see. I'm of the opinion that he'll be better than Carlos Silva was, who got the same contract last year. The NTC is a problem, perhaps. Still, it should help Mozeliak in his moves this offseason.

Here's hoping, at least!

sarah-bug said...

I would love to see Penny with the 'Birds next year. Doesn't sound like Moze plans on adding any more starting pitchers, though.