Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DL starting to take it's toll

Though there was some good news yesterday with Carp throwing a pain-free bullpen session that perhaps puts him on track to return as soon as two weeks from now, there was more bad news. Ludwick is now on the DL with a hamstring injury. He joins fellow power hitters Ankiel and Glaus out of the line-up, leaving little in the way of protection for Albert. There are a couple of silver linings. First, Rasmus is sure to get plenty of time the next couple of weeks, which can only help his development. Second, neither Ludwick or Ankiel is expected to be out long, though there is no definitive date for either's return at this point. As I mentioned before, the upcoming schedule isn't very difficult. The bad news is the offense is certain to take a dip, and we've only had two quality starts in the last nine games (including four rough outings in a row). The bullpen has actually been quite good recently, but we need the rotation to step it back up to help carry what is likely to be a much less explosive offense. We are still in first, so no need to panic, but we the the starters to keep us there over the next few weeks.


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