Saturday, June 20, 2009

A great story in the making?

Well, the offense seems to be slowly waking-up over the last ten games or so. Ludwick still isn't going great, though he did have a grand slam yesterday. Ankiel has seemed to find his power stroke, which is nice, but it drives me crazy to watch him continue to chase high fastballs and breaking balls out of the zone time and again. The real surprise the last two against the Royals though has been Khalil Greene. He has been back for three games, and has started at third the last two games and homered in both. I know the kid has had a tough time, and at this point, you just hope he can get out there and play free. Anything he gives us is bonus, and we certainly need to get something at third base. The last two days are a good start, but they don't a season make, so we'll just have to wait and see. On the other side, the starting pitching has continued to be quite good. Pineiro was a little unlucky to lose on Thursday. Thompson continued to surprise with his strong starts yesterday, and Carp was again masterful today. The team seems to be getting out of it's slump, we're back in first place in the Central even, so hopefully more good things are ahead.


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