Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big moves

One of the biggest trades I can remember with Halladay going to Philly and Cliff Lee to Seattle. Rare to see two true aces swapped around like that. More important probably to the Cardinals was Boston signing Lackey and Mike Cameron. This is important because it puts the Red Sox out of the running for Matt Holliday. Right now, it seems like we might only be bidding against ourselves for Holliday, because no other team has stepped forward. The Yankees seem unlikely to do so having already added Granderson to the outfield. The only other possibilities seem to be the Mets and the Angels. Both have denied interest to this point though. The Mets have made an offer to Bay, and could get involved on Holliday, but they seem to think (and I believe rightly so) that Matt Holliday is a gap power hitter who would struggle with the spacious power alleys of Citi Field, whereas Bay is more of pull hitter who could hit homeruns there. The Angels I think are the team to be more wary of, though they seem to be more in need of starting pitching at this point than an outfielder and have publically said they are not after a big bat this offseason. After losing Lackey and Figgins, however, they may feel the need to do something big though. All in all, I feel much better about our prospects of signing Holliday at a reasonable rate than I did a few days ago, and Scott Boras has too feel a lot worse about getting his client a huge deal, so that's definitely a good thing.


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