Saturday, July 31, 2010

Best Wishes, Luds

Luds has been a fan favorite for several years now--and a favorite of mine. Combine his goofy homerun trot, with his overachieving, and his quiet class and you get a recipe for a great addition to the ballpark. Although the pundits were right about the denoument from his 2008 peak, he handled himself quite well. He brought great team unity: "Everyone here comes into the yard ready to play every day. I'll take this group, every day till the day I die." -Oct 2009

Luds served as the second big bat on the team (till Holliday) filling a huge hole. It's the right move as San Diego also serves as the place where Cardianls go to retire--and we wouldn't have been signing him again next year. I'm writing this from San Diego (we need to get together Mike M.). Being traded is quite ironic considering how "Cardinals" Luds is.

I like the Westbrook aquisition. But, although he's a pitcher, he's got big shoes to fill. We'll miss you, Luds.


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Trey said...

I couldn't agree more. I'll miss Ludwick, but at least he's going to a nice city and a team that is very much in the playoff hunt. Feels like the Cardinals honored his great effort and play that way.