Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Couple of Tidbits

Retrosimba, a blog which focuses on the Cardinals' history, compared Beltran's hot start to my all-time favorite Cardinal (I don't care how short his tenure was)--Will Clark. Here's the link: Will Clark-Carlos Beltran What's even more interesting is that he posted that BEFORE Beltran's 4th dinger last night. May have another Berkman-esque free agent signing on our hands. Considering that Berkman equaled Pujols' WAR last year--that's a very exciting prospect.

Which brings me to my next tidbit: I noticed that the Cardinals total team WAR is currently (as of 4/18/12) 5.1. Ring any bells? Pujols' WAR for last season was also 5.1 I'm not sure there's anything to be gleaned from that. Thoughts? -CJ

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Anonymous said...

I followed the Thrill from SF to Tex to Bal and have been a Cardinals fan ever since July 31, 2000 the day he got traded. Yes his stint was short, but those were two of the best months he ever had.