Monday, November 15, 2004

Offseason Stuff

Things have been kinda sparce 'round here lately.

  • Williams option was wisely declined. I would love to see him back with us but the $8M + is a bit steep and I like the buyout. The Aging Woody is best kept only if the price is right. My feeling is that he won't be here next season.
  • Carpenter was wisely accepted and to no one's surprise, Chris will be a birdie again. With Morris and Williams most likely on their way out it was imperative to keep some semblence of last year's rotation. The key here is firepower. If you have 50 infantry soldiers great! But if I have a tank and 25 soldiers--look out! I think it should be the Cardinal's main goal to open up the wallet and get Johnson. Someone like Radke would be nice (I don't think the Twins are going to let him get away), but he still wouldn't be the big gun the Cardinals need.
  • Congrats to Edmonds, Matheny, and Rolen on pickng up brand new Gold Gloves. Well deserved and really un-debated. These three won in their respective positions hands-down!
  • Now let us all hope that the impossible will happen: Re-signing Renteria and signing a big name pitcher.


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