Monday, November 15, 2004

Here's a couple of good tidbits

  • has this: "The Red Sox World Series win was sheer mathematics: Number of days between Red Sox World Series triumphs: 31,459. The fabled mathematical concept, PI (of PI R SQUARED fame): 3.14159. Draw your own conclusions."
  • Baseball Prospectus, courtesy of the Cardinals link blog: "We've secretly replaced the National League Champions with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Let's see who notices."
  • Random Redbird Reasoning has a great breakdown of our Cardinals.
  • Fox Sports has some interesting rumours concerning Randy Johnson and Pedro:"The Cards and D-backs may be close to a deal that would send young pitchers Dan Haren, Kiko Calero and or Rick Ankiel to Arizona for SP Randy Johnson." and "The Cards may have interest in free agent starter Pedro Martinez. Martinez, in turn, says he'd be willing to play for Tony La Russa."
  • Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener has a great list of free agents.

Enjoy, but please don't stay away too long.



alphawoman said...

Are you waiting for Spring training?

Bobo Hilario said...

Hey I like your blog, check mine out Cards Fan in Cubs Land, and let me know if you wanna put each others links up.