Monday, January 03, 2005

Anyone still around?

After grad school fall semester finals and crazy Christmas break in San Diego I'm back in the saddle.

Mulder-Stars of tomorrow for now? Most likely. This trade lost us some serious prospects in Kiko and Danny but the upside for next year has been greatly increased. With a great deal in a cheaper extention with Morris, and Mulder replacing the aging Williams, things are looking up. Mulder's health is to be taken into consideration, but with a healthy Carpenter things should be fine. Especially important is Mulder's addition to the rotation because Morris will be out the first few weeks due to surgery.

Matheny-No way we should keep him for that type of money. Shame though because of his leadership, glove, and healthy clubhouse attitude. Won't miss his bat though. 'Cept for those rare but sweet memories of him coming through in the clutch in late innings.

Edgar-Bummer, but he was "slumping" for him. His stats saw a distinct dropoff in 2004 (an non I'm not talking about his RBI's and yes I know he had to lose his lineup spot) and this could free up some $$ for something brewing.

Eckstein-This guy's persona seems to fit in with the Redbirds. His range is the big "suspect" talk, but if he plays anything like he did with the MLB champs a few years ago he will be a fine and cheaper addition. Question is who will he be turning two with? My initial response to Alomar is "N O !" Don't like his attitude and his stats with the Sox are hidious. Maybe I'm still stuck on the whole umpire spitting incident. So ugly...I suppose I should let it go. How many years has it been since then? Believe he was with the Orioles.

Others-Wow, bid a fond farewell to the Simo-man, Kliner (won't miss your finger though hehe), and Womack.

Walt-Just the Mulder deal? Something doesn't add up here. Look for Jockety to pull off something exciting. Losing $10M of Morris' money and losing Edgar frees up something, interesting to see what he does with it.

Good to be back


Len said...

I'm still here. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that $10+ mil isn't going toward other guys' contracts that are backloaded (i.e., Edmonds, Rolen), so who's to know. I still like the team we have right now.