Friday, January 07, 2005

Voices in my head

Biggest Question on the horizon is come and gone-Mark G.

Now my question is do you like him? Drop me some comments on what you for me the jury is still out. No, I don't have a multiple personality.

Another question for anyone who happens to look at my blog: Matt Leach said in a recent post at, "But it's just as possible that the Cards are plugging in a Gold Glove-caliber defender who will outhit the guy who departed, and doing it at about one-tenth the cost." Do you think Molina has that much upside? Why or why not? (Didn't you always hate it when you were taking a test and the question had a yes or no answer and then the teacher tacked that annoying why or why not question at the end?)

In other news Pujols is reportedly doing much better with his heel problem, and Carpenter will be ready to go for Spring Training. Some other Jury (not the one in my head) is still out on Morris' avialability for the start of the season. Which makes me worried that we added that extra year and didn't go after someone else. But John! What about loyalty?!?! What about the ace that was so amazing just a few years ago?!?! So good in fact we started paying him 12M a year!!! Nevermind I see your point....even though his extention is much better.

-CJ and CJ and CJ


Anonymous said...

About Grud: Iwas hoping for Alex Cora because he seemed like the best 2nd baseman, defensively, which based on our low strikeout pitching staff seems important. I figured any offense would be a bonus. Not sure about Grud, how he'll do outside Wrigley in terms of his hitting, but I think he needs to match Womack defensively.

About Molina, sure it's possible what Matt said could come to pass, and it's possible I could sprout two extra heads or Dan LeBatard could stop kissing Barry Bonds' butt(Actually I don't think that's possible). I figure Molina will be better than Matheny with the bat by enough to make up for any shortcomings in defense.

And as for Morris, I would have rather let him go, but I admit I'm not sure who we would have tried to grab in his place (Cory Lidle?).

Len said...

As for Grudz, I prefer his signing to re-signing Womack. As has been pointed out elsewhere (The Birdwatch), not to take away from what Womack did for the team last year, Grudz and Womack were roughly comparable last season, and one player was having a career year, and the other wasn't. Not to mention that Grudz came much cheaper than Tomack would be resigned.

I also prefer Grudz to the proposed Alomar deal. I find it interesting that the Post-Dispatch, at least, is saying that a deal with Alomar isn't dead now that we signed Grudz. Interesting to see what happens there....

J.P. said...

I'd also take Grudzielanek over Womack and Alomar (whom I had no idea they were still considering signing). He hit .307 last year, and he'd be decent either hitting second or towards the bottom of the order.

As for Molina, at first I was actually thinking that it might be a good idea to keep Matheny around for one more year, but Molina really doesn't look too bad. The remark about him having more power than Matheny at the plate will probably prove true throughout the season. Besides, San Francisco is taking the geriatric route and all the over-30 guys are finding residence there.

J.P. said...

John, I hope that you don't mind, but I've linked your site on my baseball blog, The Gas House.

Cardinal John said...

Now you've done it! Going and posting my blog URL without permission!!! Wait that's a good thing isn't it? Thanks, I appreciate that. Always nice that somone notices to mention it.
The Voices are still here,