Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Beltran, Sosa, Alou, etc.

I'm loving it. I love watching NL central competition leave town. Watching the likes of Beltran, Sosa, Alou, and Clement to name a few big names that have left town, sure makes you wonder why so many still don't give the Cardinals their proper due. In the Baseball Special of the Sporting News the Cardinals were picked to finish 2nd in the central. Why? The loss of Matheny, Womack, and Renteria too much to contend with? Please. Despite the fact that Molina is not the quality of Matheny--yet, and Eckky is definetly no Edgar, Grud IS an upgrade from the ailing Womack, and lest we forget we have X-files now. With a healthy Carpenter, Pujols (here's hoping), and Rolen how are the Redbirds not better? The departure of Beltran and the eating up of $$ by the Rocket has only hurt the Astros, and the Cubs are saying goodbye to a lot of power and a very strong starter. As for the Reds and the Pirates, I don't see any major improvements that would warrant their pick as the new big dog in the Central. Wow this is going to be an exciting season--too bad there is a ton of basketball between now and then...

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Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget about Milwaukee, they had a good offseason and I really think they could. . . aw forget it.

Well, the Cubs still have a pretty good rotation (if healthy), so I don't think they can be overlooked. Same with the Astros though I can't figure where their offense will come from.