Thursday, May 19, 2005

While I was away...

Well...I successfully finished another semester. I think finals went well. So while I was away...

  • The Cardinals keep Rollin' without Rolen. In the end this could be a really good thing. Kinda. It means that guys like Mabry and Nunez will get more AB's and they are hitting pretty well. I'm not implying that they are better than Rolen, but I am saying that its a good thing to get them into the swing of things instead of fermenting on the bench.
  • Izzy's back. And I have been fairly impressed with the Bullpen's performance thus far. Brad Thompson has been a pleasant surprise. But it is nice knowing that Jason is back to wrap things up. Last nights K against Abreu with the bases juiced was quite a relief. Probably why they call them relievers, huh?
  • Molina seems to be more comfortable with the stick these days--an addition that takes the sting away from losing Matheny's excellent but albeit expensive glove.
  • Noticing a dramatic difference between last years Central and this years (so far). Only one team at or above .500. Wow. Last year it seemed like the Central was the cream of the crop. Could it be that perhaps....dare to dream....I was right? With the subtractions of Sosa, Alou, Kent, Beltron etc. has the Central been thinned of its prowess? I think the answer is clear.
  • First full day off since I don't know when. Going to see Star Wars (better not have any annoying Gungan's this time). Going to write my first real blurp for my blog in I don't know how long. Going to NOT think about the language of ancient Greek. Going to make like Kyp and chat with babes all day. Okay...okay....maybe not the last one.
Free at last!


Len said...

Going to see Star Wars (better not have any annoying Gungan's this time)

According to my sources, the bad news is that you do see Jar Jar in one or two scenes. The good news is that he doesn't have any (audible, anyway) lines.

Cardinal John said...

Unfortunetly, Len, you are technically wrong. While you were right that he really only appears once, he does have an audible line. Its just not a very loud one. Still I enjoyed this one 100X more than the other two prequels.