Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sweet Slider Good Bye

Have you ever seen anything like it? EVER? Not me. Sick just plain sick. I love it. Its like golfing for Pujols. Never have I seen anyone have such mastery over the strikezone and take a perfect pitch like that, one-handed mind you, out of the park in the clutch. (Of course another 1 run win against a bottom-feeder). 1 game away from the best record in baseball and things are looking good though. The ChiSox are overachieving right now, to boot. And the NL Central is underachieving right now. If the Cardinals continue at this rate it would take more than a cessation of the underachieving by the rest of the Central to catch up. Don't expect it to happen. 'Cause it won't.

Its worth repeating: The rest of the NL Central needs to make like a well placed Colorado Slider and kiss it Good-bye.

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