Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I am. Call me nervous. Call me unsatisfiable. Call me irresponsible. I am, but don't call me Surely. Wanna know why?

More than one weak series against the Reds, Pirates, and Rockies. Doesn't really boost your confidence.

Several wins by only one run.

Hope remains in that several losses were by only one run. And even though we split a four game swaf with the Pirates we dramatically outscored them.

Honestly, it seems eerily similar to the way we played in the last post-season. We play strong against the Dodgers. We start strong against the Astros and then we almost blew it. We then get cloobered but a freight train with fate graffittied on one side and Red Sox on the other.

Unless we start playing like the 44 Birds...

"Its much easier to find four good starters than five." -Earl Weaver


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