Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Call me evil. Tell me I'm sick. Say whatever you want but here are some juicy comments that I found on various blogs. Enjoy!

"Awww, Poo Holes!!!"

"Nothing like the swift horse kick in the jimmy of tonight's two-out, two-strike homer by Pujols."

"Everybody on Planet Earth knew it was so far gone."

"By the way no rinky-dink tee-ball homer into the circus seats for Pujols."

"If you truly love the game of baseball and see the bigger picture, we witnessed one of the most beautiful hits in the game of baseball when Pujols knocked that pitch out of the park. I hate it that he did that. It makes me sick, but when you love this game, you know that what we saw in that hit was pure beauty."

"Of course you're not going to win. Baseball in Houston is a clown show with your stupid buzzing, the silly little costumes, and those chip shot boxes in left field."

"If I hear one more person on the radio whine that Houston is "owed" a World Series, I'm gonna spew."

"Man that ball got outta here in a hurry. I mean anything travels that far oughta have a…stewardess on it, don't you think?"

“Juuuuuust incase you missed the last 50 highlights of Pujols going yard, here it is again folks in slow motion!” Astros fans, do you care for lemon juice to go with that salt on your wound?”

"They have found a way salvage a loss from the jaws of victory."

"It was like "Field of Dreams." But this was "Field of Nightmares.""

"We're in deep doo-doo."

"I know Astros fans are meant to suffer, but isn't forty years the usual limit?"

"So what, a KCMO firm designed Enron Field. Big deal. Still doesn't change the fact that there is a HILL IN CENTER FIELD."

"Can we agree that there's no such thing as a "closer" when Albert Pujols comes up to bat?"

and the Cou de Gras:

"Pujols stood there admiring that home run while Phil Cuzzi ran over from his right field post to signal "FOUL BALL!""

Click here if you're feeling really mean.

"Laugh it up Fuzzball." -Han Solo



Daniel S. said...

The link is messing up your sidebar

Cardinal John said...

Thanks, driving me nuts why that was like that.


Zubin said...

Where's your God now!?
(mad scientist cackle)

Okay, thats a joke.

The Astros derved to win, they did play better but it just blows that the Cards played so much better during the season and it counted for so litte. Of course if the Wild Card Cards beat the 'stros, I might be singing a different tune.

Zubin said...

Come back Cardinal John!

Ben Finger said...

Hey John found your blog. Hope your doing well.

LeslieJS said...
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Daniel S. said...

Tribute to Busch Stadium

I made this short video.