Sunday, October 16, 2005

Worst Ever

I have never in all my years seen a game called as poorly. The strikezone was anything but "consistent." All sorts of high and low calls going for the Astros but nothing for the Cards. Then ejecting Edmonds was CRAZY. It doesn't matter what he might have said you can't eject him there unless he bumps him or something. This isn't regular season. What is wrong with the Ump that he has to have his crew chief stick up for him and then has to eject one of the premier players in the game because of something he said.

And how bad is it that we can't get a runner home from third with no outs. I'm too steamed to write more. The Astros are too good a team for the Cards to have to play against the umps too.

-a really mad CJ


zubin said...

Aren't you in seminary school or something? Can't you get us an in with the big guy upstairs? I'm mean the team is even called the Cardinals.

zubin said...

Thank you for your prayers CJ.

Dear god. Thank you.

zubin said...

But most of all thank David Eckstein, Jim Edmonds and Albert Pujols

Cardinal John said...

But who made David, Jim and Phat Albert? Sorry had to toss that in. I AM in seminary after all.


Daniel S. said...

I was praying tonight.