Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What the heck?!

What the heck was that?! Let's start with the good things I noticed about opening night--cause they will be quick.

A. Carpenter looked sharp--occaisionally.
B. Kennedy looked good.

That's it. Now take a deep breath and lets look at the bad.

A. WHAT THE HECK IS QUENDO doing sending Eckstein with Pujols on deck?! First of all, we're down by several runs, second: Pujols is on deck, third: Beltran has a freakin' canon, fourth: Pujols is on deck, fifth: it makes first base open which is bad because, sixth: Pujols is on deck.

B. Starting Taguchi? Chris Duncan was on fire in spring training and you start So? Say it ain't So. Lil Dunkin coulda fielded better than that...and that's saying a lot.

But my wife just called and now I have to run.
Let me just say this:
How many double plays we hit into?
-sigh CJ

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