Monday, October 30, 2006

Like a Kid Again...

"We just wanted to give them a false sense of security."

Who? The Tigers? The media? The world?

This can be the only explanation (and the rash of injuries that plagued the Redbrids) for the sub-par regular season and dominating post-season.

THE CARDINALS ARE WORLD CHAMPS! Its a good feeling. And now for some icing.

Here is a list of media who picked the Tigers (this is not a complete list so feel free to put their names in the comment box and I'll add them on):

How do you like your crow,
from ESPN,
Philips-Tigers in 5?
Olney-Tigers in 5?
Caple-Tigers in 5?
Crasnick-Tigers in 6?
Law-Tigers in 5?
Gammons-Tigers in 7?
Stark-Tigers in 6?
Neyer-Tigers in a sweep?
Kruk-Tigers in 6?
from Sportsline,
the name we don't speak of-Tigers in a sweep?
Mccarthy-Tigers in 5?
Rosen-Tigers in 5?
Mack-Tigers in 6?

I can't find the experts picks for Foxsports or SI. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

But tip your cap to:
Ravech-Cards in 7.

There are some similar comments at Fungoes.

As for those who say, "It was a poor series" or "The best teams weren't in it" or "It was a boring series" or "The Tigers threw the game away" you all are probably the same ones that would like to see a 17-15 game as opposed to a perfect game. Good defense DOES NOT mean a bad game. And that is what the Cardinals had: Good Defense; i.e., good pitching. Note that the errors might have made the difference in ONLY ONE GAME. If you need me to elaborate on this, then didn't watch the games.

Here's to the Cardinals: World Champions!

Cardnilly put it best: WOOOOOOOO!

Bellyitcher says: "Pinch me!"

Birdwatch "can't believe what happened."

Get up, Baby is getting into tailoring.

All in the Cards tell "how sweet it is!"

Like the Cardinal's Diaspora, I too love it when I am asked "how does it feel to be world champs""like I had something to do with it."

The 26th man "still can’t fully comprehend it."

Redbirds Fun says, "That's a winner!" and give a list to all who contributed this year.

RedbirdRamblings hollar, "WOOOOOOOOOOO!" too.

Redbirdbrain is "still floating."

The Red Crush call them a "Team of Destiny."

In Walt We Trust claims that "all is right with the world."

FYC is still "awrapped in joy."

The Capital City Cardinals (I live in KY too!) give a Queen'esque salute!

So too does Rockin' the Red!

Cardinal Girl proclaims that its time to "revel."

Party Like its 1982 is currently doing just that.

In the Cards is "basking in the Glory."

The Cards deck gives an hommage to Jack.

YNOT a Blog gives the current Cubs vs. Cardinals WS count.

Having Sobered up, Stan Musial's Stance is ready to talk.

Go Crazy, Folks is St. Peter for Halloween as we are welcomed into Baseball heaven!

As for me, I feel like a kid again.



Peter said...

Dude, you're a kid every day


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That really was the Tiger's series to lose....and they did. Makes no sense.

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