Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Great outting by Carp. Only one batter got to ball 3. Only one batter saw more than 4 pitches (and he saw only 5). Only three baserunners all night! No walks! Carp goes 8 innings on 83 pitches. That is one of the more dominant pitching performances in the World Series--EVER. While there were a couple of hard hit balls, they were few and far between. The three hits just found holes. If Soup has half the game Carp did, I will be pleased. One might say he has really overachieved in the NLCS, but he has been the hottest pitcher since the all-star break. That said, I feel good going into game four. Add in the Cardinal's success against righties (Bonderman goes tonight) and I like their chances even better. The Tigers can still make it a series. If they are able to snag one in STL, then they have his Pineness for game 6. If Reyes is going in game 5, then the Tigers have a good shot. I sincerely doubt that he will have a similar type performance that he had in game 1--however, I would love to be wrong.

What's up with playing "We will rock you" after Pudge got hit hard with a pitch? The Cardinals have more class than that. Whoever is in charge of the music and sound effects inbetween pitches and at-bats needs to be more sensitive. In football, everyone shuts-up and takes a knee. In baseball, it should be the same. I couldn't hear any applause when Pudge got back up (over the TV). Anyone that was actually there here any applause? If not, then I'm dissappointed in "the best fans in sports."

The people who are complaining that this is a boring series, are the same people who were complaining that the Cardinals don't have any pitching. Warm up the ovens, Folks. Prepare to put the crows in the oven.

One last thing, do you realize that this is the fastest the Cardinals have gone in the post-season since 1987. What does that say about they 2004 and 2005 Cardinals.....hmmmm?

Edit: I've added a truck load of links to some new Cardinal blogs. There seems to be more popping up then ever before. Some of them are REALLY good. Check em out. But please, always come back.



Joe said...
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Joe said...

Hi CJ, thanks for the comment on my site:

I added your site to my links - by all means, feel free to add my link to your blog.

Thanks CJ - how bout we go into game 5 up 3-1 eh?


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Cardinal John said...

Going up 3-1 would be huge. With the rainout(s) it could be even more in our favor.