Tuesday, October 17, 2006

He wasn't all that good...

Glavine watched screaming linedrive after linedrive get snagged by an impressive infield. We all watched as he fell behind in the count only to be bailed out by poor at-bats. Sure, that might be due to his quality, but it didn't look it. Weaver was certainly the better pitcher that day. Add in the horrible strikezone and you have a mediocre outing by Glavine. And to Jon Heyman, what's Pujols' BA against the Mets... 286! That's over 4 games! Anyone can have a 286. Add in the fact that he has had at LEAST 3 scalding linedrives snagged by leaping infielders. How many runs does that account for? Let's be honest folks, the Mets showed up for game 4. Hancock is certainly not the answer for middle relief. But if Weaver pitches like last time (I know it was a road game) I think the Cardinals have a good shot. Sure we have to go back to NY, but Carpenter is on the mound against Maine. As to the drama regarding Rolen and TLR...give it up media! Nobody wants to be benched. Nobody wants to start an injured player. Since your daytime award winning Yankees are gone you have to try to stir up trouble elsewhere. Yes, Scott Miller. You are the sniveling little reporter in the movie 61*. Reading your article on Sportsline.com killed more braincells then an entire college binge night. Not an ounce of evidence to prove that there was the turmoil that you are making it out to be. "I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."-BM


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