Monday, October 23, 2006

Smile it is 1 and 1

The Cardinals waltzed into Detroit using their two weaker pitchers and they came out even. Now the scales are tipped in our favor. 3 games in StL. Carp and Soup for the first two. That's right kids, even if we only win 2 in StL then we have a distinct advantage going back to Detroit. The stuff on Rogers' hand sure made for an odd atmosphere, and I'm sure that TLR played it down cause his hand appeared to be clean after the first and because of the apparent coziness between the two ball clubs. However, if that wasn't pine tar, I don't have a blog. Tootsie rolls? AVS is dealing some serious bologna. Every pitcher I know is very particular about their grip. I think a sticky melted chocolate would have been cleaned off. Plus, tootsie rolls don't have a yellow hue. However, he got away with some serious mistakes. Several linedrives were picked up by the outfield, and Pujols and Molina both barely missed going yard. As for Scott Miller, this is the last time we mention his name on this blog. He is a hack of a writer who no longer deserves my attention on this blog. When I said he was like the squirrelly reporter from 61*, I was dead on. As for Scott Rolen, he appeared to be seeing the ball well, and I like to see some added protection for Pujols in the lineup. As for Encarnation, get him out of there. He is NOT seeing the ball--in the box or in the field. He bobbles nearly every ball that comes his way. He takes angles on balls like he has never played the outfield before. And frankly, he looks like he just doesn't care to be out there. Put in J-Rod or put happy feet Speizio or deer in the headlights Duncan. It may not be pretty when they are out there, but they haven't cost us runs yet. Even my wife said, "It looks like he is deciding to swing before he even sees the ball. And then just throws his bat out there." Pretty sad endictment if even my wife (remember the swastika incident?) noticed that detail. All in all, we are looking good. We almost won that game last night, despite some wicked pitching by Rogers. I just can't stand that guy.

"A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings."
-Earl Wilson

If that's true of a regular game, then I wonder what a World Series game is.

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