Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

"To rain or not to rain?", that is the question! There are some pluses and minuses concerning the rainy weather in general.

1. It hurts momentum.
2. Gives rest for Tigers' bullpen who pitched several innings on Tues.
3. Gives rest for Kenny Rogers and MAY even include the chance that he appears two more times this series. (However, his status was probably not changed due to the rainout last night as the travel day is simply eaten up. Yet, if the Tigers lose game 4, I wouldn't be surprised to see him in game 5 on short rest.)
4. Gives the Tigers' bats a chance to regroup.
5. "The War at Home"

1. The Cardinals will be resting comfortably in their homes while the Tigers sit in a hotel one day and get relocated another.
2. Gives rest to Weaver and Carpenter.
3. Gives the Cardinals' bats a chance to regroup as they have been only slightly better than the Tigers in the past 3 games.
4. Carpenter could pitch 2 more times. If there are rainouts until Fri or Sat it could be glorious for the RedBirds.
5. Those who were saying that the layoff hurt the Tigers will have to agree that this could hurt them more.
6. I didn't have to tape "Lost."

We'll just have to wait and see.


Cardinal70 said...

Having Lost and the game on at the same time really is a pain, isn't it?

Cardinal John said...
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Cardinal John said...

Another night's worth of hotdogs and soda...$12.

Waiting another day for St. Louis World Series baseball...A bit of my patience.

Not hearing the wife blow her breath that we have to watch "Lost" taped...pricless.