Sunday, February 15, 2009

Opening Day Roster?

There's some serious questions both in the everyday line-up and the pitching staff heading into spring training, but here is my best-case-senario for an opening day roster:

1. 2B - Shumaker
2. CF - Rasmus
3. 1B - Pujols
4. RF - Ludwick
5. LF - Ankiel
6. 3B - Freese
7. SS - Greene
8 . C - Molina
9. P - Wainwright (Assuming TRL regains his senses and bats pitchers in their proper spot)

This is a pretty potent line-up, probably not a weak link that I can see, even with Glaus likely starting the year on the DL.

1. Wainwright
2. Carp
3. Lohse
4. Wellenmeyer
5. Pineiro

Cl - Perez
RH/late innings - Motte/Kinney/Franklin
LH - Miller, PTBN
Long relief/emergency starter - McClellen

Bench - Ryan (2B/SS/3B), LaRue (C), Duncan (OF/LH), Mather (OF/RH), Wallace (3B/1B)

I actually seriously doubt Wallace makes the bigs till September as they won't want his abitration clock ticking yet. I know we signed a couple of other LH relievers other than Miller, but I can't remember their names for the life of me, so I went with player to be named in that slot. 2B, closer, and Carp's health are obviously the biggest questions marks on this list, but potentiallly, I think this a much more talented roster than a year ago despite the lack of movement this offseason by the front office.



sarah-bug said...

Ring, Manning.

Not the most memorable of guys, that's for sure.

chetthejet said...

I like how you fit Rasmus in there. Of course, a lot depends on Schu being able to actually field second base properly.