Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Training/UCB Roundtable

The grapefruit league is officially underway with the Cards going 0-1-1 in their first two games. Some notes so far: I knew Shumaker would be mainly at 2B, but I'm a little surprised to see Mather used only at 3B so far. I'll all for starting opening day with one converted outfielder in the infield, but two? Yikes for the defense. Freese hasn't played at all yet. Maybe he's hurt, I'm not sure. Rasmus has started both games, but the first was in left while Ankiel was in center (and batting clean-up). Maybe TRL has figured-out that Ankiel isn't comfortable as a corner outfielder for some reason. Anyway, it's VERY early yet. Some guy I've never heard of named Hawthorne started the opener in fact, but he seemed to do well. Lohse, not so much in the second game.

The other important thing for the day is that the UCB is currently in the middle of our preseason roundtable. This actually started about a week ago, but I forgot to post anything about it on this blog. John and I have contributed to a few (but not all) of the discussions so far. Our blog's day to host the roundtable is March 10th, but here is the full schedule:
Pitchers Hit Eighth 2/20
The Rundown 2/23
Cardinal Nation Globe 2/24
That's a Winner 2/25
CardinalsGM 2/26
Play a Hard 9 2/27
Redbirds Row 3/2
Stan Musial's Stance 3/3
Bugs and Cranks 3/4
Joe Sports Fan 3/5
Fungoes 3/6
Whiteyball 3/9
The Cardinal Virtue 3/10
Cardinals Diaspora 3/11
4thebirds.... 3/12
The Redbird Blog 3/13
La Beisbolista 3/16
5 O'Clock Blogger 3/17
Redbirds Fun 3/18
Redbird Ramblings 3/19
C70 At The Bat 3/20

As you can see, some of the days have already passed, so be sure to head over to those blogs and check-out what all us loonies have been talking about so far and try and keep up with the discussion as it goes along. There's been some interesting topics so far and I'm sure more are to come.


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