Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm sure many of you are aware of the 20 inning game the Cards played against the Mets last night that ended in a 2-1 loss. TRL and most of the players talked afterward about how proud they were to have played in such a game and of the heart the whole team showed despite the loss. I echo those sentiments, but I do have one minor quibble with the game. What was TRL thinking with the double switch that took Holliday out and left the pitcher batting behind Pujols? I'm not too mad about taking Holliday out per se. He's been ill and clearly struggling on this homestand, but I did not like the double switch. This gave the Mets the opportunity to twice intentionally walk Pujols in extra innings with runners on. It was no decision at all for them really, as they got to face a pitcher instead. Allen Craig is no Holliday, but he would have at least made them think about it. Considering Albert got a hit the two times he was pitched to in extras, it's reasonable to assume he would have won the game for us in one of those earlier opportunities if he had had the chance. Sometimes TRL falls a little too much in love with the double switch, and this was one of those times. A great game for sure, but one I would rather have won.


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eightbitlegacy said...

well said! i checked out the game around inning 13 and was wondering why a pitcher was batting cleanup! felipe lopez held his own while pitching. Funny fact: a closer won the game, a starter closed the game, and a position player lost the game.

BTW, I've been debating about starting a blog myself and just started @ and would really appreciate it if you took a look! uploaded some pictures from sundays wainwright/maine game : )