Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick Thoughts

  • TLR says that he isn't worried about Carp. Hmmm...that helps--a bit.
  • I really enjoyed the 5-0 shut out last night. But we SHOULD have scored way more. Holliday had a couple of opportunities but left men on. We also made several silly base-running errors: Wainwright trying to advance, Rasmus, trying to steal, Luds trying to advance on the throw.
  • The early Skippy haters (and there were lots this season) have been shut down. It's ridiculous to get worked up over two games and Spring training.
  • We could easily be undefeated thus far. It's too bad Penny couldn't get the win before. I'm really excited to see if he can bring some of the same stuff.

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