Thursday, December 08, 2011

No news=good news?

24 hours ago, it seemed like there was a good chance Pujols was headed to Miami. Now, there is almost no chance of that, but there also seems to be little chance that he will sign with anyone this week during the Winter Meetings. Now, the bad news. As John covered in two earlier posts, the Angels are a team that makes a lot of sense for Pujols to potentially join. Also in an earlier post, John reported that they did not intend to bid for him. Well, that seems to have changed. I feel that their offer would have to be at least 1 mil per year more than the Cards for him to consider it, but there is a good possibility they will exceed that threshold. The fact that no deal with anyone appears immanent says to me that Pujols has not come close to the numbers he wants. The good news then is that probably no one has significantly out-bid the Cardinals, and at this point, it's likely no one will. If the bids are fairly equal, then I think he stays, and I do think that is the likely outcome at this point. 24 hours ago with the suddenly loose-purse Marlins in the picture, I wasn't so sure. Now is keeping Albert into his 40s a good idea for anyone? That's a topic for another day. Keeping a icon in St. Louis? That's always a good idea.


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Trey said...

Wow, watching ESPN just seconds after posting this, and the Angles have got him. 250 mil for ten years. Sucks, but can't blame the Cards much for not matching that!