Wednesday, April 27, 2005

4-0 top of the third

Carpenter has a one hitter through 2. Looks like we have another quality start in the...wait for it....Brewing. In baseball's version of the "Bud Bowl" the boys in red have had quite the advantage. The Brewers, one of MLB's bottom feeders when it comes to payroll, can't expect to continue to shell out peanuts and expect to field a regularly competitive ball club. The Cardinals, on the other hand are near the top when it comes to payroll, although significantly lower than your Yankees or Red Sox types. With the Cardinal's off to their best start since 82 one begins to wonder if they can surpass last years wonderful 100+ win season. I expect good things. Reasons they won't surpass it:
  • the always present injury bug (see Izzy for more details)
  • Bullpen questions
  • luke warm bats

But are those real questions? Are those real doubts that are unique to the Redbirds? Hardly. With a low OBP and BA one might question the bats. But who are they kidding. Its just a matter of time before things really get going. 6 hits through 3 innings is a good start. Any team is in danger of the injury bug. And if the rotation continues to get quality starts...what bullpen questions?

Reasons they will:

  • Healthy (for now)
  • Mulder, Morris, Carpenter appear to be firing on all cylinders
  • Quality from Suppan, Marquis
  • Strong Bats (formidable lineup, top to bottom)

"I've got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it."

-- Groucho Marx (Duck Soup)


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