Friday, April 15, 2005

Bad Cardinals Fans of Significance?

The best stuff in this article is near the bottom. So don't start reading, get bored and leave, UNTIL you read the bottom.

With a host of possible problems, Mulder, Rolen, Julian,, one has to worry--even the most positive. I'm not talking lying awake at night or even having nightmares, but when you sit down to write about "your team" you feel...unsettled. 3-4 and just a few quality starts. What are you supposed to feel--happy? Hardly. I suppose someone will hollar that I should be grateful that we did pull out a couple that we SHOULD have lost. No...that only makes me feel worse. Thanks for bringing it up, Einstein.

But WAIT! Let's not forget the fact that at the end of May the Cardinals were merely 4 games over .500.

Ahh I feel better now.

Don't you?

On an entirely different note. QUICK! In the next minute think of all the negative interactions between Cards fans and any visiting opponent. QUICK! In the next 10 seconds think of negative encounters in Yankees vs. Red Sox. Which one is did you come up with the most? Let me know what you think. I for one know that there are some great Yankee and Red Sox fans out there. But ratio-wise, why is it that there is an abundance of bad ones for this rivalry? (And I even read a blog trying to say the fan DIDN'T take a swing at him. He claimed that he hasn't seen a replay that shows an attack definitively. Apparently he needs to adjust his rabbit ears and turn on ESPN). I want to know how Veritek got a triple when a fan actually hit a player. And the guy was SIMPLY EJECTED. No prosecution!

The biggest hating I've ever personally seen by the Cardinals faithful was vs. my favorite Cardinal of all time (then Giant) Will Clark. But the hating on him because of his hard slide into Oquendo (before the coaching days) could hardly be counted as "an incident." Plus things sure seemed forgiven after an amazing finish to his career in St. Louis. I believe Will holds the record for most curtain calls per Cardinal at-bat. (No, I didn't look that up).

Did we have any streakers during Mac's run? But that is a different type altogether.

In 10 seconds I could think of 4 at Fenway and that's just thinking of the past two years. I'm sure people with better memories could easily think of more. And I'm not even talking about between the players. There is something there in that rivalry that I am glad doesn't exist in the Cubs vs. Cards. Some may say that the other rivalry is better, because it is more intense. Personally, I don't think so. I love going to Bush and seeing the Cubs hats. I love seeing Fred Bird atop the faithful that visit Wrigley.

fortunately, there are tons of great fans in that NE rivalry, and they FAR OUTNUMBER the slack-jawed morons that pull stunts like the other night. But pound for pound seems like the NE has more than their fair share.

BTW When is Christian Family Day at Bush this year?


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Bill said...

All in all, St. Louis has the best sports fans going,,,,,,,pound for pound, beer for beer, or any other way you choose to measure