Monday, April 03, 2006

Magic 8ball

Feel free to send in your questions to your very own CardinalJohn, a pathetic excuse for a prophet, but you'll get my gut feeling nonetheless.

In a few hours another glorious season for the St. Louis Cardinals will be underway. I'm really stoked.

Will Pujols do even better this year?
My sources say, "Yes." Stronger, more experienced, and he's only 26.

Will Rolen be back to form?
Probably not. He'll be back--as in better than 2005, but that is hardly saying anything. Unfortunely, I don't think he'll ever revert back to his prime. I hope I'm DEAD WRONG.

Will the rotation be able to put up 2005esque numbers?
Most Likely. I've had to eat crow regarding these guys more than once. I've learned not to doubt 'em.

Will the bullpen hold up?
Outlook hazy--for obvious reasons.

Will our outfield be enough?
Yes, but it won't be pretty. I'll join the aging Edmonds but cheer for him all the more. I still think he's got a few more web-gems in him.

Infield replacements?
Yes, and don't believe the doom and gloom talk about the replacements. They were saying the same things about Eck and Grud last year.

Will they win 100 games again?

Will they win the World Series?
Outlook positive.

Will they win today against the Phillies?
You bet your sweet bippy!


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