Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rolen's Back

One of the most encouraging things I noticed over the first few games is the play by Scott Rolen. Not only has he been seeing the ball well (as John Rooney points out EVERY at bat), but his play in the field looks good. That diving stop and throw to first from his knees can only be described as FILTHY! Jeff Cirillo needs to go ask for his lunch money back, as that was a mugging.

I really like Pujols' attitude regarding his HR. "I don't care about the home run...I care about the win." This is what separates Pujols from many of the other players out there. He leaves the conjecturing about individual accomplishments to wannabe pundits like me.

This is a big game for Marquis. He came out okay, but walked too many. He's in a contract year, and I hope that we are going to see some good stuff from him.

Bush had a great outing last time for the Brew-crew. Let's hope we can get to him early and make the kid sweat.

"If he raced his pregnant wife he'd finish third." (on catcher Mide Scioscia)
- Tommy Lasorda


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