Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Opening day thoughts

It was a pretty strange and yet all too familiar game for opening day. Wainwright had and up and down afternoon. He only allowed two runs and struck-out 7, but he also walked-five and therefore couldn't go past the six inning. As John posted from earlier, TRL went with a strange line-up with Greene in the 4 hole, and Barden starting over Freese, but both Ankiel and Duncan in there against the lefty. The offense did OK overall though. Unfortunately, we saw more of the same from last year in the 9th inning with Motte giving up 4 earned runs and blowing the save after the Cards got two in the bottom of the eighth. Overall, I'm really only concerned about the young man's confidence. Sure, it's troubling to see another blown save, but unlike last year, I believe we have guys that can get people out in the late innings the majority of the time and Motte is probably the best in that group. Hopefully, this is just a case of opening day nerves and not a trend. Well, I'm up too late tonight. Don't know why, the National Championship game was quite boring, but tomorrow is the first day of the new job, so I'd better sign-off without saying anything more.


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