Thursday, April 09, 2009

Welcome back Carp!

Man, if Carpenter can pitch like that AND stay healthy, we'll be in shape. It was nice to get the split with my second least favorite team the 'stros coming into town. Hopefully, we'll whip them because it would be nice to make something out of this first home stand. On another note, no third baseman has started on consecutive days. Is LaRussa just trying to handcuff Freese's developement? Does he not like natural thirdbasemen with power? Maybe he just loves light-hitting ultility guys......he did love Eck, Miles, et al. Still, its frustrating to see clearly superior talent stay on the bench. At least he's playing Rasmus. That's a start. I feel for the players though. Only Albert really knows where he'll play and where he'll hit in the lineup everyday. On the plus side, I'd give the pitching high marks so far aside from Wellenmeyer and Motte and I think Motte at least will be fine in the long run. Not a bad start to the season, but definitely not a steady one either.


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