Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Cards are leading the NL in EVERY positive offensive stat except SB's and OBP (2nd). Why are they then only 8-5? Answer: the dreaded "Winnable Loss" rears its ugly head again. Two of em to the Cubs, 1 to the D-backs and 1 to the Bucs. Tonight's you just saw coming. After tying the game, 1st and 2nd and no outs--no runs. Yikes--you deserve to lose those ones. The night before, Zambrano getting the can't really complain--especially against our no. 5 (technically 6). But if they bean El Hombre, you gotta make 'em pay. Wastin' a two HR performance from Luds is atrocious.

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Trey said...

The guys are definitely raking it, but it would help if a starter could take it deep into the game. It's tough for the bullpen to go 4-5 innings or more every game.