Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Benjamin Linus Would Be Proud

I was about to make the case that the Cardinals are losing a lot of close games and are thus better than their record shows. They are making silly errors (see: Duncan, last night), stranding more people than Oceanic Flight 815, getting line-drives caught like colds in January, and having overall simple bad luck. 7/11, no, not the store, of the Redbirds' losses are what I call winnable (winnable means that if one small thing had gone differently it could have easily been a W for the good guys). The Cardinals lead MLB with 231 LOB. Sure, that's partially due to the Cardinals ranked #1 OBP (tied with the Cubs at .367). This is actually good news, because it is just a matter of time before those base runners get home. The Cards, while having made a few very untimely errors, only have 12 errors on the season--good enough for a tie for 5th best. However, I started looking at the W's and there are a slew of single run wins as well. 6/16 were one run games. Add in a couple of losable games and we're lookin' at 50% of our wins. What's that mean? I think it means our record accurately reflects the team thus far. Perhaps we're a bit better than we appear in the standings.

You know the guy I'm talkin' about. He has Austrailia--the purples. He doesn't look menacing in his little corner of the board. He has to fight through the mess that is Asia. But then all of a sudden, one turn, his paltry forces have accumulated into a fearsome pile of plastic impunity. I'd like to think that the rolls will go the Cardinals' way soon.

Looks like I might make that case after all.



Cardinal70 said...

Australia is the key to the whole game. (Never having played, I don't know if that's true, but if it's good enough for Hurley.....)

Hopefully some hits will start falling with runners on and get more runs on the board. It's not that big of an issue when the Cards win, but darn frustrating when they lose.

Great Photoshop, by the way! Love it!

Cardinal John said...

Funny enough, I am currently winning a play by email risk game where I own Australia. Clever that you caught the reference. I thought that it might slip by.

Glad you like the art. I had "Lost" on the brain (we get it on the Mon after it airs in the States out here--so I just watched it the night before) and I made the Oceanic crack and it sorta snowballed from there.

Don Daniel said...

Love the "Lost" photoshop, one of my favorite shows. Good post.

Tough day for Mulder at Memphis...


Cardinal John said...

A. Thanks, I'm rather proud of the photoshop... So proud that I hesitate to put up a new post.

B. I love lost too. Maybe we should do one of those threads which compare the people on the Island to the Cardinals' lineup.

C. Yeah, my hopes aren't set too high for Mulder. Anything he is able to contribute this year is bonus.