Friday, April 25, 2008

Why are you a Cardinals fan?

Someone asked about my "Cardinals experience." Therefore, I thought I would share my brief response.

My first memory of baseball was my dad jumping up and down screaming as the ball rolled underneath Buckner's legs. Now, I'm not as young as that may sound, but I didn't start watching baseball from the cradle. However, I wasn't old either--7 years old. I'm sure in my household I would have watched some games before that--but that is when it stuck. Following the '86 World Series, I started watching the Cardinals in '87. It was my first full season of following baseball. As far as I'm concerned they're the greatest team ever and they got hosed in the series against the Twins. Tommy Herr was SAFE! That stupid Metrodome and those stupid hankies. Seriously, that's when I fell in love with the Cards. Ironically enough, I loved the 3rd base incident with Will Clark--who even though I loved the Cards became my favorite player. When Clark ended his career with the Cardinals I was thrilled. I enjoy the classy nature of the Card's organization yet they have a gritty and "bootstraped" history. I am proud to be a Card's fan especially because of the overall class and IQ of Cardinals fans (when I sent out that response I misspelled "especially" LOL). Soooo, enough about me. Tell me, if you like, when did you come to like the Cardinals?
BTW If you didn't see it, watch Osgoo...errr Pineiro with the kick save.

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Jeff & Carrie said...

Before I was born, I was rooting for the Redbirds! Kind of the nature of things in Paducah. The 87 Series was the first that I was intensely into, but I recall the happenings of 85...we got WAY hosed in that one. Worrell's foot was on first and that would've ended it all in our favor. I enjoy the class of Cardinals baseball and their sportsmanship (I rarely recall hotheads or huge brawls involving Cards players). Ozzie was my hero growing up and I still have some sour feelings towards LaRussa on that, but I am very happy we've been to 2 Series in the 00's and won one of them. You know, I was thinking last night, funny that two long dry streaks (BoSox 04 and White Sox 05) were followed up by the arch rival (us) of the dryest streak of all (Cubs).