Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lucky Lucky

The Cardinals clinched another series victory. They haven't lost a series yet (splitting the away series with the Giants). Tonight they'll get the brooms and dustpans ready. Last night was verrrry lucky. I don't know if anyone at the ball park got a good look at Shu's homer, but from my angle it didn't look like it cleared. However, the closest person to it (RF Hart) didn't seem to object much. At least not on my TV. Perhaps he was objecting but wasn't shown. The debated homer aside, Izzy was gettin' hammered. The two doubles were hammered to RF. Pujols made amends for his gaff a few nights ago with a snazzy snag of another well hit ball to RF. Looks like Izzy is up to the same ole tricks. His pretty ERA took a beating and is up to 4.91. Nevertheless, the lineup put up the hits and the runs. As for me, I'd like to not have to rely on disputed and picther homeruns for my "W's."


Cardinal70 said...

From all indications, Schumaker's HR was good since it hit the sign that was sitting behind the fence.

I agree, Izzy was a little worrisome. Hopefully that isn't a sign of things to come.

Going for the sweep this afternoon!

Cardinal John said...

We didn't get the sweep but it was another loss that was a "good" loss.