Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Starting Pitching

It was another solid outing for the rotation as Wellemeyer (7ip 2 er). However, a 9th inning rally to tie it up was overcome by a walkoff homer. Good Astros pitching and some lucky positioning was too much to overcome (not to mention a horrific Hickox strikezone). Hopefully Duncan's plate awareness will improve as he was made to look quite silly. The lefty, Wandy, seemed to baffle several Cardinal batters. The southpaw advantage left hot Ankiel hitless. Pujols got his first hit off Rodriguez.

However, my biggest gripe is once again about that joke of stadium. Towels HR once again would have been in a double or an out in most parks. Tejada played very well for the 'Stros as his defensive performance plus his walkoff (no doubter) made him the player of the game.


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