Saturday, July 05, 2008

Best. Game. Ever.

I was pretty much ready to cry myself to sleep tonight, but things sure turned around in a hurry. A couple of apparently uncharacteristic Kerry Wood walks to Ludwick and Molina (I couldn't believe he had only nine coming into the game - he wasn't known for his control as a starter) got things going. Kennedy then redeemed a poor game at the plate up to that point with a double down the right field line that scored Ludwick. Intentional walk to PH Duncan. No outs, bases loaded, Shumaker at the plate. We have to score at least one more right? Well, we did, but it did not go down the easy way. Shu grounds out to a force at home. Miles PHs and I think popped out weakly to SS. Ankiel up, and 2nd pitch, line drive base hit to center to score Kennedy and Duncan and win the game. Old Jimmy Edmonds' throw not near in time. I knew there was a reason we got rid of that guy. Great way to start the evening here in Tulsa. Not even FOX's crappy announcing could ruin that one. And, if we win again tomorrow, we are in the division race for real.


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