Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome Jaime Garcia

Following the quite predictable yet just as sad 1st inning exit of Mark Mulder, the future looks doubtful. So doubtful that I will simply wish Mulder best of luck cause I don't see a comeback from this. I hope Mulder hangs his hat on the nice inning of relief he had when he first came back. It's a small silver lining--but no less gutsy.

All signs indicate that the Cardinals will purchase the contract of Jaime Garcia. Since he already has two full years of pro-baseball experience under his belt (coming into this season), he will NOT be eligible for a fourth option year. His first option will not be exercised--until, that is, if/when the Cardinals send him back down. He's got a decent 1/2 BB per K. His AAA ERA is 4.59 with 4-4 on the season.

I have updated the 40-man roster chart to include Garcia at 1, 3, 1. Hopefully the ending of one career will neatly open the door for another to take off.


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