Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yea for Miles, Boo for Izzy

Seriously, when is the Cardinals front office going to get the memo? Izzy is done. Release him, demote him, I don't care. It's amazing we are in this race with so many blown saves this year. Get rid of him, and trade for some one that can either A) set up for Franklin or B) Close and allow him to move back to the 8th inning guy. On the plus side......we won this one and Miles was the unlikely hero. The offense has been great the last two series and has carried a pitching staff that is finally showing the cracks that were expected......only it has fortunately taken a lot longer than expected for their faults to really show. I think if we can just acquire the right reliever, we can hold out till Wainwright and/or Carpenter are back. This sweep certainly helped. HUGE series with the Brew Crew next though. Should be exciting.


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