Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's deadline day, kiddies. It's no surprise that the Cardinals wanted to have a peek at Carpenter in the Bigs before the deadline. His outing was far from perfect but was better than a spot starter, and I'd rather see him round out that rehab up here. The Cards only outhit the Braves 12-11, but get an easy victory with the rare later inning outpouring. I see the Cards making a deal today. I'm thinkin' that Mayhay will be acquired at the expense of Mather and Todd--just a hunch.

Common, Mo. Don't screw this up.



chetthejet said...

At this point, if Mo cannot pull off a major deal for a true "impact" player, be it a bat or an arm, I'd rather see him do nothing at all, because I have no problem with the Cards "as are."

Cardinal John said...

This is pretty much what I had in mind. I'm not happy with the Cards as they are as we need a Loogy. But otherwise, I don't want to see any major moves.

phe said...

The Cards held true to their pre-season ambition - let's compete as best we can, and gear up for a big run in 2009-???? - yet folks are in an uproar.

I say let this team of scrappers fight - get them Carp and Waino back and let's play ball.

The Cards have a pile of money coming off their payroll in the off-season that we can only hope will be well spent on a middle infielder and a bullpen.

Cards fans need to let Mozeliak execute his plan before they execute him.

Cardinal John said...

Yeah, I don't get the uproar. Several blogs out there are just mindboggling in their griping. One even claimed to say that the Cards brass only cares about money.

We really could have used some help, but if the cost was too high then I'm glad to know they didn't pull the trigger.