Friday, August 01, 2008

Mo Didn't Screw Up

We don't exactly know the asking prices for the available Lefty relievers out there, but rumors all said they were high. I wanted to NOT hear that Mo traded the farm for a mediocre reliever that happens to be doing okay right now. It would have been nice to score one, but for some reason they were grossly overvalued. And now, Royals, Orioles, Rockies, what are you going to do with your prized loogy? Huh? Pathetic. As I said before and others have pointed out in the last post's comments, there's a ton of money becoming available this fall. We have Carp and A&W coming back which will in turn bolster the bullpen. The offense shows signs of weakness, but is still overperforming expectations. A big bat to protect Pujols' career sure would be nice. Only way to get that in the middle of the season now is one Barry Bonds. That is looking less likely with each passing day. Only things it would cost is league minimum, a little pride, and a smidge of integrity. Otherwise, the big bat will have to wait to this winter.



chetthejet said...

Lotta woulda-coulda-shoulda going around the Nation blogs. At least we know we're rowing the same boat without any oars missing.

Let's get back to baseball.

BTW: Can anyone apply to get into the UCB, or is that like a closed circuit network. Just wondering. It seems like a cool thing.

Trey said...

I would have liked to see something done. Thought I don't know the price being asked, I think when you have the chance to win you should take it. You never know where the club could be a year from now, injuries and free agency could change things for the better or for the worse. Who would have thought teams like the Mariners, Braves, Indians and Rockies would be this bad this year? You never know what exactly the future holds, so why not go for it now?

chetthejet said...

Yes, Trey, you make an excellent point. I just think there wasn't the bigtime deal that was worthwhile. If we knew the particulars of the offers, there might be a legit gripe one way or the other.

Still, I take your point regarding the chance to win and going for it. That's where I sometimes wonder why La Russa waits until a pitcher gets really whacked before taking him out, regardless of the state of the pen. To me, the chance to win today is worth two ticked off Redbirds flying off the handle tomorrow.

But what's done is done.

The Deal is Dead, long live the Deal.

Cardinal John said...

AFAIK the UCB is very open. You should contact Dan over at and get involved with one of the upcoming UCB projects.

chetthejet said...

Thanx for the help. Have joined.