Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stayin' Alive

Unquestionably the biggest win of the season so far tonight. A loss would've put us 5 1/2 back with only 28 games left. That would've been a tough task to say the least. 3 1/2 out is no bargain, but it's a lot better. Overall, we broke a 7 game losing streak to the Brew Crew and they won the season series 10-5. If they beat us out for the wild-card, that may be the reason why. As I've mentioned before, they choked down the stretch last year, and I'm hoping for a repeat performance. More importantly, I'm hoping this rare come-from-behind victory sends the Cards on a long win streak of their own. Our best streak this year is 5, but I think we'll need a stretch better than that because of the ground we need to make-up. This was, I believe, only the SECOND time we've won after being down in the 8th innning or later, so that has to give the guys a charge. Ludwick was a hero tonight (how many times has that been the case when we've won this year?, he's been so huge, I still can't believe the year he is having!). Perez struck out the side in the 9th around a double by Hardy. Wainwright kept it close despite some shoddy defense behind him (seriously, our great defense from the rest of the year needs to come back, and soon). Lots of gutsy performances in general, but those three stood out. Six game road-trip coming-up against the 'Stros and the Diamondbacks, both of whom are playing a little better recently. At least we miss Oswalt for Houston, as he pitched tonight. No word on when Carp might be back. It would be nice if he could pitch the Sept. 2 game against Arizona, but for now it looks likely that Pineiro will get that game. Fortunately, Looper and Welleneyer (excluding last night) seem to be pitching as well as they have all season. Lohse seems to be slumping slightly on the other hand. Regardless, it's time to buckle down, and win with whoever you can put out there. It certainly helps to put that Pujols guy's name in the line-up card every day at least.


P.S. - Sorry for the rambling nature of this post, but my thoughts were racing after that great comeback!

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