Saturday, August 02, 2008


Just wanted to drop a quick note. I prolly won't be posting for a while, at least not until I'm able to get a new computer. Our home was burglarized last night--while we were in the house. My wife woke to the sound of the intruders down stairs. She woke me up and I was able to chase them off. But they got away with my laptop and a few other items like our digital camera. Please pray that peace will return to our hosehold as we are pretty shaken up. No one got hurt--that's the most important thing. God's in control, and that's a comforting thought. In the mean time, Trey will be holding down the fort.

Go Cards!



chetthejet said...

Sorry to hear about the burglary.

Cardinal70 said...

I've been out of the loop, but wanted to express my condolences on your robbery as well. That's got to be tough to deal with.