Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not Good

While I'm definitely a believer in the saying "it ain't over till it's over", it's tough to see a way into the playoffs for the Cardinals now. While being swept by the Astros, the Brewers swept the Pirates and they are now 6 1?2 back in the wildcard with only 25 left to play. Certainly, stranger things have happened, but it's not looking good. The offense really had a tough time in Houston. Albert continues his torrid play, but he's gotten little support. Ludwick's had a couple of big hits (though not really this weekend). Ankiel hit a HR yesterday, but has looked like he continues to struggle with the oblique injury. Glaus is in one of his cold streaks. Yeah, Looper had a bad start yesterday, but two of the three games we had very good pitching, but little offense. Anyway, the Cards basically need to go on a torrid streak a la the Rockies from last year to have any real chance, and even then, we need some help from the Brewers as well. It's a pretty depressing situation. Makes you wish we had some of those close loses that the bullpen killed us in earlier in the year back right now. I guess you can't cry too much over spilled milk though. Hopefully we'll see better play against the Diamondbacks starting tomorrow at the least.


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Cardinal70 said...

I'm not sure even a Rockies-like run would be able to get this team into the playoffs. It'd take a lot of stumbling by other teams.