Sunday, August 03, 2008

GIPD X 3 = L

My math isn't always real good, but I think three consecutive inning-ending double plays (in the 6th-8th), didn't help the Cardinals chances tonight. They also had the bases loaded in the 8th and 9th with one out and failed to score what would've have been a run that at least secured extra innings for us. Yeah, the bullpen blew-up again, but we have to expect that, and the offense has too take advantages of opportunities when they are handed to us. In the last two innings, the normally awesome Phillies pen walked two, hit two batters, and had a balk. Ryan Howard also gave us an error in the 8th for good measure. We only managed two runs in those two innings, and one of those was a lead-off home run by Glaus in the 9th. Good efforts by Glaus, Ludwick, Wellenmeyer, and Franklin (aka the only reliever that didn't stink tonight), but the rest of team didn't do their part. Overall, we lost two straight close games after getting quality starts, which is tough to swallow. The off-day tomorrow is much needed. Hopefully Ankiel can play in the field on Tuesday and Carp can give a couple of more innings than the last start. We could use some good stuff from him to give the team the lift it needs.

P.S. - Bummer for John being robbed, but I'm glad everyone is OK. I thought the folks were supposed to be a lot nicer than that on the Emerald Isle. I'll be praying that everything will be replaced by insurance, but more importantly that his family will feel safe where they live. I've had my place robbed as well, and I know that those first few nights afterwards, you don't sleep real soundly. That feeling passed fairly quickly for me, and I hope it does for them as well. I hope the voice of reason returns to this blog soon though, my rants are only likely to increase in level of insanity if there is twice as many of them.


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