Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Carpenter Comes Correct; Wish Zambrano would do the same

8 IP 4ER...not too shabby.  Still 4 ER.  The Cardinals are still relying on scoring a ton.  Please let me be wrong, but I still feel the Cardinals will come crashing back to Earth soon. 
On another note, Zambrano, regarding his second pitch that hit Edmonds: "Meanwhile, Zambrano insisted he wasn't trying to hit Edmonds, that he was just trying to 'make my pitch and the ball went out of my hand.'" 
Anyone who saw that game would tell you it was no accident.  This reminds me of when my mother asked my little brother, Joey,  if he pooped his diaper.  Looking her straight in the face he said, "Daddy did it."  Right now, Zambrano and his attitude just plain stink.  Hopefully his "accidents" won't get someone seriously injured in the future.  

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